Glendale Small Animal Hospital History

Glendale Small Animal Hospital 1930

Glendale Small Animal Hospital opened in 1925 when Glendale was a small, sleepy town of approximatley 40,000. The Alex Theater had just opened and the famous Red Cars were rumbling down Brand Boulevard. Two years previous to this, the 112-acre Glendale Municipal Airport (later the larger Grand Central Airport) opened with a 100 foot wide grass landing strip.

The original owner was Dr. George W. Blanche (1874-1960) who had fought in the Spanish-American war. He started with a small practice and even added "a pet ambulance."Glendale Small Animal Hospital is still located at the same site making it one of the very few hospitals in the nation still in operation in its original location. In 1931, Dr. Blanche took on Dr. Daniel Adler, DVM (1908-1979) as an associate who had recently graduated from Washington State University, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Glendale Small Animal Hospital 1930

Dr. Adler

In 1937 Dr. Adler became a co-owner of the hospital as the practice expanded to include the addition of an associate, Dr. G. A. Williams. Dr. Adler enjoyed his ownership and veterinary practice for 35 years. In 1963 Dr. Adler sold the practice to Drs. Burton C. Roe and Orin C. Mullins. In 1966 Dr. Roe became the sole owner.

Dr. Kenneth Barnes joined the practice in 1965 and partnered with Roe for about 10 years. The doctors set out to bring the hospital up to date adding equipment for regular and emergency medical services. To eliminate stressful encounters between different animals, two new areas were created in the waiting room, one for cats and one for dogs. They also installed a music system to calm the "patients."

In 1973 Dr. Tanveer Hussain, the son and grandson of veterinarians, earned his degree in veterinary science from the University of Agriculture in Fasialabad, Pakistan. The next year, he came to the US and two years later began working with Dr. Roe while preparing for his licensing exam, which he passed in 1978. Roe offered Hussain a job as an associate. Hussain became sole owner in 1982. Dr. Jocelyn Quan joined the medical staff after her graduation from UC Davis Veterinary School in 1988 and ultimately she became co-owner of the hospital in 1998. Over the years, several veterinarians joined the practice and after working at Glendale Small Animal Hospital for a number of years, moved on to open their own practices in different parts of the state.

Glendale Small Animal Hospital Advertisement 1937

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The hospital received a major redesign in 1993. The waiting room was expanded and modernized and a new pet store was opened. The treatment rooms were also remodeled and updated. Advanced state of the art medical and surgical equipment was put into operation to provide the best possible diagnostic and treatment services to our patients. However, as medical science and technology improves, Glendale Small Animal Hospital will continue to update its facilities, just as it has done since 1925.

GSAH vintage vet  ambulance